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Yahoo Messenger will no longer be supported after July 17, 2018. Learn more about this change and how it will affect you. May 31, 2012  Yahoo! Messenger will be discontinued after the 17th July 2018. Yahoo does not have a replacement for this service, however, they are developing a group messaging app called Yahoo Squirrel that is currently in Beta. Free Download Yahoo Messenger 0.8.288 - Stay in touch with your friends and family while sharing favorite photos using one of the most popular insta.

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You can of course update your status from Yahoo! Messenger, and also on Yahoo! What hasn't changed from the previous version is the amount of bloat in the app. Some people may appreciate the shared videos, social games (as shown in the video here), radio stations, emoticons, search bar and so on. However, all this stuff adds a lot of weight to the Yahoo! Messenger, and it feels unsophisticated today. The video call quality in Yahoo!

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Messenger is pretty good, however, and in fact if it stuck to being a chat app, we would recommend it more highly! The amplification of social aspects in Yahoo! Messenger isn't a revolution.

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If you love all the bells and whistles, you'll love this app, but many people will find it annoying and intrusive. By Anonymous Updater on this page. The new messenger is the pits! Verizon has taken what use to be the Rolls Royce of online instant messenger ser. The new messenger is the pits! Verizon has taken what use to be the Rolls Royce of online instant messenger services and turned it into the Yugo of instant messengers. The husk of what used to be the absolute best is not worth occupying space on your hard drive or installing as an app on your mobile devices.

This is truly a sad day for the Internet and all former users involved!:) Pros: Nothing Cons: Everything Bring back the old messenger from 2 years ago reviewed on December 8, 2016 •. By Anonymous YM moving from elegant professional design to pop-culture dregs. Alarmingly bad. I have already deleted the pro.

YM moving from elegant professional design to pop-culture dregs. Alarmingly bad. I have already deleted the program. Yahoo has decided to diss most of its professional users in favor of what. Kids on cell phones talking about vacuous celebrities? I don't think the realize that YM was used by many companies for internal communication. It was elegantly simple, easy to personalize and organize with many handy features.

What I just deleted from my computer was unrecognizable, unusable and riddled with advertising. YM has turned overnight into some kind of pop culture text-fest. Shockingly bad decision made in some corporate conference room by a roomfull of teenagers. Reviewed on November 5, 2016 •.

By Anonymous So bad that you won't believe it. So bad that I don't even know where to begin.

Video chat is gone, regular cont. So bad that you won't believe it. So bad that I don't even know where to begin. Video chat is gone, regular contacts replaced by a list of who's who in the freaking world, update check does not even work. Pros: I can still uninstall it Cons: video chat gone regular contacts gone old version was 10x better reviewed on October 24, 2016 • • Articles about Yahoo!

Messenger is a great chatting platform to keep connected with your dearest ones around the planet. It allows you do text chats, video and audio calls, instant messaging, social networking, mailing and everything under one roof for free. Anyone with an active yahoo account can sign in to yahoo messenger. You will have to pay nothing for using its functionalities. It supports almost all functionalities to satisfy your needs, but not your greed. One may find its audio and video call qualities to be poor compared to advanced chatting platforms like Skype, but keep in mind that this software is meant only as a desktop version of Yahoo!

Emoticon support is an interesting feature on Yahoo! Even though Yahoo Messenger is facing death in the competition with Skype and Facebook, people still love this software as it was once their only mean to keep in touch with friends. It is a great free chatting platform that can perform all basic needs of yours! What I like the most in using Yahoo! Messenger is the user interface.

It displays a cool selection of three different colors and the new design helps the users locate the navigation tabs more easily. Along the lower part of the messaging window you will find several little icons with different features that are available. The conversation history is a handy feature of YM in which all the conversations between you and your contacts can be recorded and viewed later through Yahoo mail. There is also the live video chat which offers quality video features such as a resizable screen so you can choose the size that suits your preference.There are several other things you can do with Yahoo! You can send a picture in an instant message only by doing the drag-and-drop option of the image from the source to the Instant Messaging window.

Quite simply, anything you have in your computer, you can share with your friends or with anyone in your connections instantly. Nowadays, instant messaging applications play a vital role in our daily lives as they provide an easy means and just a click-away communication method. They can be downloaded from various websites for free. Not only that, instant messaging apps even offer various features that make message exchange fast, more exciting, and more fun. One of these added features that I enjoy sending of is the emoticons that express my feelings without typing any single word. Moreover, this messaging app has a unique user-friendly graphical user interface that can be customized by changing the theme with my desired designs according to my mood.

I can even find and invite my friend or set of friends to chat with me with my option to either just chat with them or along with high quality video, that makes it even possible to talk with them. I can also share multimedia contents like videos and pictures. And when I left the conversation and come back at anytime soon, I am sure that my message history with my friends is still there, so I can keep track with our latest topic.

If my friends went offline, I can still keep in touch with them by sending them SMS for free. Bottom line is, this messaging app makes it possible for me to communicate with my friends and loved ones as easy as 1-2-3. 1- Download the app, 2- Install, and 3- Chat.

• Receive and send out emails from the phone without going to the Internet and signing in my email address. I need a quick way to communicate. • to talk with friends, relatives,business partners,and honest and sincere law abiding citizens and to promote international friendship fellowship for peace and Happy livingd • im going to be getting businesss emails from the application and also sending pictures. Reading the latest news and also putting my assingnment here • Personal enjoyment and communication. Ability to maintain connection to friends, family and country. This will benefit everyone who is involved. • i am going to be using this yahoo messener for so many purposes like chatting with my friend,for browing the internet,downloading thing and having fun.