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​Summary: is a one-stop shop for your video conversion needs, whether you have a single file to convert or a thousand. It supports an impressive number of video file formats, including the latest 4K-capable codecs like H.265, as well as earlier HD and legacy codec formats. It even allows you to convert videos for use with popular virtual reality headsets and mobile devices. You can trim and edit videos, apply filters and add hardcoded subtitles during the conversion process, all within a conveniently streamlined interface that makes the conversion process simple and straightforward. If you're regularly working with video files that are going to wind up on the web, Video Converter Ultimate will dramatically simplify your workflow. No matter what social sharing platform you're working with, it can prepare your files for a smooth upload process.

Wondershare Video Converter SafeWondershare Video Converter Safe

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate for Mac [Download] at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

On the other hand, if you're primarily preparing video for DVD, you'd be better off with a more comprehensive editor that provided you with more control. ​I've been working and playing with PC software of all kinds for over 25 years, from small open source programs to industry-standard software suites. As part of my training as a graphic designer, I've spent time learning and working with various types of motion graphics and video editing software, examining both their video capabilities and their user experiences. User experience has always been one of my passions, because it can turn a powerful program into an unusable mess or transform the most basic program into a joy to work with. I also have experience working with the other major Wondershare video editing program,, as you can see from the review on SoftwareHow.

Wondershare Video Converter Safe

Even though I am experienced with their programs, Wondershare has had no editorial or content input on this review and has not impacted the findings in my review in any way. I have contacted them to inquire about the only bug that I encountered using Wondershare Video Converter, opening a support ticket with their virtual help department. I received a reply from a support agent, but it was essentially a scripted response that did not directly address any of my concerns or answer the simple question I asked.

Read more from the 'Reasons Behind My Review Ratings' section. Total Speech. What Is Wondershare Video Converter?

Is a professional-grade video conversion suite which supports almost any video format in use today. While it is capable enough to be used by professional videographers looking for a fast conversion tool, it is also easy enough for beginners to master with only a few minutes of practice. Some of its main features include: • Convert videos to almost any format • Edit videos to make them look more professional • Burn videos to DVD for sharing with families or friends • Transfer media files to your other devices • A video toolbox that allows you to fix video metadata, record desktop activities, cast videos to TV, etc. Is It Safe to Use? ​Both Windows and Mac versions of this software are absolutely safe to use. The initial installer program passes scans from Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes AntiMalware, and so do all the other program files that are installed.

The installer program connects directly to the Wondershare server to download the latest stable version of the software, and it does not attempt to install third party software of any kind. Wondershare Video Converter is not free software, but it does have a limited trial mode as well as two other tiers of the software: Video Converter Free and Video Converter Pro.

The Free version of the software has a limited range of supported video formats and will only download videos from Youtube, while the Pro version has wider support for non-DRM video formats and no online restrictions. The Ultimate version has no limitations on usage once it has been registered, but the free trial of the Ultimate version has the following limitations. How Much Is It? Video Converter Ultimate has. The cheapest is a $39.95 USD subscription that lasts a single year and must be renewed, or you can get a lifetime license for $59.95 that comes with lifetime updates to the software.

Both of these options only provide a license for a single computer, but there is also a lifetime licensed family version available for $118 that supports between 2 and 5 computers using the software simultaneously. If you need more licenses than that, business pricing is available for 6-99 seat licenses on a sliding scale, or you can contact the company for 100+ seat bulk purchasing details. ​A Closer Look at Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate ​Note: the screenshots used in this review are taken from the Windows version. JP also tested Video Converter Ultimate for Mac on his MacBook Pro, running macOS Sierra. Fortunately, the user interfaces on both versions are almost exactly the same, so JP will point out the differences if they are worth noting.

The first thing you'll notice about Video Converter Ultimate is how streamlined the user interface is. There are five main areas of the program easily accessible with the filmstrip at the top of the opening dashboard screen: Convert, Download, Burn, Transfer and Toolbox. Since these are the main features of the program, let's go through and test each one to see how well they work. ​Converting Video ​Converting video can't possibly be easier than it is with Video Converter Ultimate. You simply add the file you want to convert to the dashboard from wherever it's currently stored - on your hard drive, your mobile device, a connected camcorder or your DVD drive - and then select the final output settings in target section. You can even batch convert a bunch of files at once to the same format using the settings in the top right, which will provide a huge productivity boost for those of you preparing videos for upload to the web. ​The audio section of the video editor is extremely limited, only allowing you to control the volume of your converted video.

Fortunately, it does allow you to boost above 100%, although the addition of a volume normalizing function would make this a much more useful tool. ​Downloading From the Web ​A great deal of the video content we consume comes from web sources, but sometimes those sources won't play properly on our chosen devices.