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THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE IS A COMPLAINT I SENT TO USEMEXT. IT WILL EXPLAIN THEIR PLYS OF SNARING PEOPLE TO PART WITH THEIR MONEY. I have had a usenext account in the name of [email protected] and my husband has his own account in the name of [email protected] for some time now. When it can for me to log in to my account to recharge it my username and password would not work even though you resent them to me on this date. I decided to use my husband account to do my downloads but upon trying to recharge i kept getting an error message advising me to contact customer support which i did. After a wait of around 30 minutes i spoke to an advisor who told me there was no problem with my account or my husbands account that the problem must be with paypal.

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Read To Me. Provider Word of caution: UseNeXT's 14-day free trial is free, but it can't be canceled online and must be canceled. Where I think UseNeXT crossed from. NeXT (later NeXT Computer and NeXT Software) was an American computer and software company founded in 1985 by Apple Computer co-founder Steve Jobs. Its name was usually pronounced as 'Next'. Based in Redwood City, California, the company developed and manufactured a series of computer workstations intended for the higher education and business.

That maybe if i had another email addres i could try it again and see if it would work. This phone call cost me 15.00GBP. I decided to join in my daughters email address to see if i could recharge from it. I joined with the email address [email protected] but with my name. I paid via paypal as i thought this was the safest method. I awaited my log in instruction email which i never received. I know in the terms and conditions it stated that i had to cancel the free trial within 14 days of it ending or an automatic payment would come out so i was very concerned.

I needed the password and account number to log in so i could cancel the account. I could obviously not do this so i telephoned customer support in germany. It took me 25 minutes but i eventually got through. They advised me the account had been cancelled but there was no obvous reason why the email had not come through to me and that it must be my anti spam software blocking the email.

They advised me to use a different email account to see if i could get some success and to unblock usenext from the spam blocker. I did this although usenext was never blocked by my spam blocker in the first place i simply did not receive the email with the log in details. The advisor told me the paypal payment would not be taken as the account had been cancelled. I joined again with my cousins email address who lives with me [email protected] but in my name. I again paid via paypal. I did not receive any log-in info again. I therefore could not download the software which i had removed from my laptop or indeed cancel the free trial.