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Top Pc Games 2013

Best PC Game - IGN's Best of 2013: the-best-pc-game-of-2013-gone-home-igns-best-of-2013Gone HomeReview Guide While it lacks some of the more obvious interactions and decisions fou. Top 20 PC Games of 2013! The best game for the PC in 2013 in this Top List! Tweet it! FB it! The best games. PC Games 2013. Update #2: We’ve changed a few games around, removed some titles (The Elder Scrolls Online, Company of Heroes 2) for various reasons, and added new, more deserving titles to this very liquid list of games. In our annual ranking of the year's best video games, get a list of 2013's best and. And find out which title earned Metacritic Game of. Games and PC games. These are all the greatest games that are exclusively available to play on PC.

Media Juckbox. PC gaming has been around for decades, but as technology grows, so too do the possibilities! Many, many games come out on PC--especially Steam--at a pretty fast pace, so it can be hard to know what to play. There's also a wide variety of genres to keep track of, plus all those games you buy during the Steam sale. To help you out, we went back a few years and rounded up the best PC-exclusive games. For this feature, we included some (but not all) of the PC games that received a score of 8 or higher on GameSpot, with priority going to games that were nominated for awards at the end of their release years. To narrow the scope further, we only picked games that released in 2013 or later--sorry,. Many of the games that released during this period are some the best release on the platform.

You can spend tons of hours in classic CRPG-style games or immerse yourself in more narrative-driven indie adventure games. Suffice to say it, there's plenty of high-quality options available to you.

What PC games from 2013 onward do you love the most? Let us know in the comments below. And for more PC recommendations, be sure to check out our new show,, where we pick out a few hidden gems on Steam for you to try each week. You can also see our list of the for more of what's to come. Printshop Ware.

By The Walking Dead: 400 Days Bookending season one, Telltale's The Walking Dead: 400 Days also bridges the gap before the much anticipated second season. It's still about clicking on things and talking to people while zombies circle you menacingly, but this time there are five new characters, each with their own playable storyline.

It reflects decisions made in season one, and affects events in season two. Batman: Arkham Origins Rocksteady handed the Arkham reins over to Warner Bros Montreal for this Batman sequel, which focuses on one night out in Gotham in which all of Batman's best frenemies try to take him down for a $50 million bounty. How will Batman get out of this one? Probably by punching a lot of men until they are unconscious.

Saints Row IV () Words by Fraser Brown I was singing within the first fifteen minutes of playing. Riding an airborne nuclear missile, belting out Aerosmith’s ‘98 classic “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”, my compatriots below bidding a final farewell to their fearless leader. It probably sounded horrible. Not only because I’m completely tone deaf, but because I was also bellowing with laughter. Volition’s fourth and best open-world caper is a comedy masterpiece, managing to lampoon countless movies and games without missing a beat, and while it didn’t exactly break any new ground with its mechanics or design, fun as they were, it’s earned its spot as one of my Games of 2013 because it’s so unrelentingly funny. Saints Row IV is essentially a theme park, constantly throwing new things at the player, be it a completely insane mission involving the use of stolen telekinesis powers where you throw people, objects and giant stuffed animal heads around the city to rack up points for the amusement of an intergalactic dictator, or yet another digital realm to play in, like a Pleasantville-style suburban nightmare or an underground bunker that screams “I’m a Metal Gear Solid mission!”, complete with cardboard boxes. It’s a series that started off as a poor man’s Grand Theft Auto, but led to leaping over the tallest buildings, attacking glitching citizens with tentacle swords, fighting mechs on a spaceship, and dressing up as an eagle crossed with Evel Knievel who can kick so hard he causes a nuclear reaction.

It would be easy to write Saints Row IV off as appealing to the lowest common denominator, mocking easy targets and often devolving into plain silliness, but Volition’s commitment to the absurdity raises it to new levels of ridiculousness, piling on layers and layers of meta-gags and in-jokes. There’s even a voice-pack simply named “Nolan North”. Take Keith David, veteran actor and frequent voice actor, who stars not only as himself, but a version of himself who has now become the Vice President. Now, having an actor playing himself in a major game role is amusing on its own - especially when he’s already lent his vocal talents to the series before in the guise of the original Saints Row’s naughty Julius, which is frequently mentioned by other characters. But then when you add in the fact that David co-starred alongside Roddy Piper in They Live, the ‘80s cult classic which also serves as one of the game’s inspirations, and then get to witness David and Piper brawling in a scrap reminiscent of They Live’s famous fight scene, hailed as one of the best movie fight scenes ever made, the whole thing becomes spectacularly clever. Open-world romps so often overstay their welcome, and while I might have once been more than happy to spend a hundred hours or so with one game, deadlines and general adult business usually means that I’m relieved when a game finishes and I can move onto the next one.