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RusRoute (routing firewall, Internet Gateway) - usual purpose is for making Internet gateway for local area network (LAN) of some firm, encountering and restriction the traffic of users, Protection of network attacks with functions of NAT, redirect, shaper, VPN, proxy, LAN to VPN Bridge, timed action and Splitters for rules. Program is consist of two modules: one is the driver for intercepting IP packets(packets of Internet protocol version 4 - IPv4) and passing them to the second module: the firewall module. Edit Pad Pro here. Firewall module is the most intellectual part of product, witch provide for route Link for packets Between networks with additional functions such as: * traffic routing * NAT - network address and port translation * redirect * shaper * VPN * proxy * LAN to VPN Bridge * packets filtering of network protocols with accordance with given rules, time, with spliiting outgouing routes.

* authorization, authentication, accounting and billing of users (entering to RusRoute system, giving the rights for users for using network resources, making statistics for traffic counters and spent money for every users). Baladana there.

RusRoute, free download. Comprehensive router, firewall and Internet gateway solution. 1 screenshot along with a virus/malware test and a free download link. Routing firewall with NAT, VPN, LAN to VPN Bridge, HTTP cache, traffic counter. RusRoute is a router and firewall, Internet gateway for Windows, it is the ideal solution for making Internet gateway for local area network (LAN) of any firm, the users' traffic encountering and restricting, protection against of network attacks with functions of.