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Red Eyes in photos are a common problem when taking photos with a digital camera. Nowadays digital point and shoot cameras have in-built functions which fixes red eyes in photos by itself.

How to remove red eye with Windows Photo Gallery. A computer with Windows Photo Gallery installed; any photos. With the box drawn over the person’s eyes. - Online Red Eye Removal Tool. Online Red Eye Removal. How to avoid red eyes in your photos. Steps on how to remove red-eye in picture online and through popular image editors like Adobe Photoshop and Picassa. Remove red eye effect and brighten eyes. If you want to perform a portrait retouch and create an amazing photo, you should focus on the most vital part of it - the eyes. Red Eye Remover is a program that can remove a common 'red-eye' effect from your images in an almost automatic mode. Just select a rectangular area around the.

But if you are still having problems with red eyes in your pictures, then here are some of the best and quickest ways to fix red eyes in photos. With these tips you can remove red eyes in your photos quickly, without using any high-end editing tools. Using the Best Free Software to Fix Photos incl. Red Eyes In my opinion, Photoscape ( ) is the best free, lightweight, simple to use software to quickly enhance and fix digital photos. It has an in-built tool to fix red eyes in pictures in just two (one for each eye) clicks.

• Simply open the Photoscape Editor and drag-drop or browse to the image you want to enhance to get rid of red eyes. • Go to Tools tab and click Red Eye Correction button.

• Now drag a small box around each of the red eyes using your mouse. Once you release, the red eyes will get fixed. • Click Save to make the changes permanent. Tip: While you are at it, go to the Home tab and use Auto Level and Auto Contrast and explore the other enhance tools to add some zing to your digital photos.

Best Online Tool to Digitally Fix Read Eyes in Photos There are many online photo editors and tool to enhance and add effects to your digital photos. But the best in my opinion is FixRedEyes ( ) as it automatically looks for red eyes in photos once you use their drag tool and gets rid of those red eyes instantly. • Go to the site, upload your photo and use zoom to get a suitable size to work upon. • Drag their red eye fixer tool on each of the eyes or just one on the face such that it covers both eye if your image is not large enough. Mediaget Mac there.

• Click the Fix button and then click Download if everything seems okay. L found this site to be the most quick and effective to deal with red eyes in photos. Another online tool I like is which has a quick and effective red eye fix tool along with some other cool tools for enhancing your photos along with the option to directly upload to your Flickr account if needed. Remove Red Eyes in Photos taken with iPhone or Android Smartphones Red eyes is a problem with smartphones too if you are using flash while taking a picture. This is a nuisance if you directly upload them to Facebook, Twitter etc from your phone. Here are some of the best apps that can help Perfect Photo ( ) for the iPhone, iPad is an excellent photo editor app for quick and powerful image retouching.

You can use it to remove red eyes too along with some great enhancing features that add a professional touch to your photos. You can go for the app if you are looking for a free alternative.

PicSay ( ) for Android is a free and popular app which has many creative features to enhance your photos and make them more interesting with their special effects. It can be used to fix red eyes too. Is another free app which does the same and it can remove the flash glare on eyes too.

Tip: Avoid Red Eyes while Taking Photos Red Eyes is a known caused while using a built-in camera flash very close to the camera lens in low light. The light from the flash is reflected from the retina into the camera under certain conditions (angle of flash, low light, pupil size) due to which the red eye effect is caused.

Here are some ways to reduce red eyes while taking photos with a regular digital camera • Avoid Flash: Since flash is the major reason, try to take photos without using flash and depend on natural lighting as much as possible. • Use Night-Portrait Mode: Most modern digital cameras come with this option and it can greatly improve your portrait photography in low light and it lessens chances of the red eye effect. • Diffuse the Flash: Cover the flash with some Vaseline or some translucent sheet. This will scatter the flash beam causing less red eye in your photos and it also improves the ambient lighting in the photo. • Tell your subject not to look directly into the lens: If the eyes are not directly pointed towards the flash and lens then there is no way red eye effect will occur. See the picture on the right. Hope this article helps.

While red eyes are easy to fix nowadays in photos but dealing with flash glares on glasses or the eyes can be a problem. For that you have to use a professional editing tool with healing brushes / spot fixing tools to fix those certain areas of your photographs.

Red Eye Removal: Use Best Photo Editor & Save Your Images • • by Katie Ivonette How often have you taken what you think is an amazing picture only to be met with those ‘red eyes’ staring right back at you? Unless you intend to audition for a vampire movie such as the next installment of Twilight, in your photos is a bad idea! You need a great red eye removal tool and the PinkMirror photo editor has it. Did you post a picture with red eyes on a dating website? If so, your next date would be more likely to appear on your doorstep with garlic and a wooden stake than a bouquet of roses! Webcam Toy Com. Before we look at the Red Eye Removal photo editor feature that comes with PinkMirror, let’s find out more about how red eye occurs in the first place.

What Causes Red Eye? If you use flash while taking pictures at night and in dim lighting, you will get red eyes. When you take the picture in these conditions, the camera produces a burst of light.

That goes through your open pupil and bounces back off your eyes. Animals such as dogs, cats and deer have a tapetum lucidum. That is a special reflective layer on the retina which is almost like having a mirror on the back of their eyes. If you shine a flashlight into the eyes of the above-mentioned animals at night, their eyes shine back with white light. Humans do not have the tapetum lucidum layer on the retina. If you flash a light on our eyes at night, there will be no kind of reflection. However, the flash on a camera is bright enough to cause a reflection off the retina.