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The goal of the app is to be your all-in-one media app, centralizing all your files to one place. The unfortunate problem with RealPlayer is that the design of the app is not well thought out, and the usability is sorely lacking. The user interface is clean and has no significant problems, but the app lacks an auto-refresh function after you add new media. Without knowing this you can load RealPlayer and not be able to find any files to listen to or watch. After adding music, you have to manually refresh and search your files to force your music to appear. Restricted functions Video playback also falls short due to RealPlayer's limited video format support. It does not recognize WMV or MOV file types.

It also has issues with HD files and is unable to load them. On the plus side, the online video search is a handy addition. The picture viewer is equally strange, as it shows a grid of your images and offers the ability to play music while viewing them as a slideshow. However, the sad fact is, Android’s default picture gallery performs better than RealPlayer’s. Sim Card Scanner. As a music player, RealPlayer is a decent addition, but the need to purchase the Pro Version to unlock many of its more useful features (such as a graphic equalizer, music database, and broader video playback options) proves distracting.

Best video and audio player apps for Android are those kinds of apps which can be downloaded on the Android devices including Android based Smartphones and Android based tablets. Latest Google Chrome. These apps are the best of the lot and have better features among the hundreds of apps belonging to this category. To select the best video and audio player apps for your Android device, never forget to check out the rating that the app has got and read its description to know about the various features present on it. Select the one that you prefer the most and one that has got the best reviews by the customers.

Real Audio Player For Android

MX Player MX Player is an App for Android users who love watching movies on their handsets. The hardware acceleration abilities, multi core decoding, subtitle tracks, kids lock are just some features that make watching movies and videos on MX Player a truly pleasurable experience. RealPlayer® Video Player for Android VLC for Android HD Video Player Video Player Ultimate(HD) KMPlayer (HD Video,Media,Free) Poweramp Music Player Get the free trial version of this amazing and powerful music player to play music files of formats like ape, wv, tta, mpc and aiff in addition to the regular mp3, mp4/m4a, ogg and wma formats. Google Play Music Music Player: Rocket Player Fusion Music Player Shuttle Music Player Music Player – Audio Player.

Oct 14, 2013  Best music and audio apps for Android. It can also function as a video player. There's even a feature that displays lyrics in real time as the song. Get rid of your 'codec not supported' errors with the best video player apps for Android! In practice, we didn't find any real. (including audio.