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ProShow Gold Crack is an amazing software in the media world with the help of this tool you can easily share and customize your videos photos etc. ProShow Gold is photo slideshow software that can turn your memories into visual art. Read our review to learn how. ProShow Gold 9 and ProShow Producer 9 now supports importing 4K video clips and publishing. And the software includes several color palettes designed.

Photodex’s ProShow Gold is already considered a reference point in photo slideshow creation and it’s easy to see why. Newest Version Of Paint Tool Sai more. This high–spec application offers a range of editing tools and a number of output formats that will suit beginners and advanced users. Let’s look at the most significant features of Photodex ProShow Gold. You’ll quickly realize the potential of the program after browsing through its features. The new timeline view makes it easy to pick and drag the photos you want.

ProShow Gold has all the editing tools you need like red eye remover or drop shadow and you can set an unlimited amount of layers to your slides. With around 200 transitions available, it's easy to give your slideshow an original feel. Adding a track or recording your voice over is also a cinch and Photodex now includes a wave form view to properly edit audio elements. Advanced users will appreciate the motion effects, which let you configure your transitions with pinpoint precision. Your panning, zoom and rotation settings can easily be copied and transposed to other slides and the speed of each effect can be set individually. The beauty of ProShow Gold is the number of output formats you can choose from to share your slide show with others. You can create your own animated screensaver to enjoy your photos on your PC.

If you want to create copies of your slideshow you can burn it to DVD, video CD or autorun CD-ROM. If you feel like sharing your slideshow over the internet you can email it to a friend or share it with other ProShow Gold users on Photodex’s website. Another one of Photodex’s very own output options is to create a streaming web show. Not to worry here, you do not need to have any knowledge about web editing. ProShow Gold takes care of converting your slide to the proprietary Photodex presenter stream. ProShow Gold obviously packs a large amount of features and tools and you could easily feel overwhelmed by them, but thankfully the quick tutorial at the start does well to explain how you can best make use of the program according to your needs. Despite a lengthy installation process, Photodex’s ProShow Gold is certainly the reference point in photo slideshow creation.

Professional photographers and wedding planners as well as home users will enjoy the amount of editing tools and output possibilities the program has to offer. ProShow Gold 3.0 is the complete slide show software solution for sharing your best memories on DVD, PC, and the Web! Bring still photos to life by adding motion effects like pan, zoom, and rotate. Add captions to a photo or video and choose from over 280 exciting transition effects. It's easy to tell your story with ProShow Gold 3.0.

Create your show once and have the freedom to watch it anywhere! ProShow Gold outputs to eleven different formats, including DVD, CD, EXE, Flash, HD Video, and more! Add motion effects like pan, zoom and rotate to any photo on a slide. Zoom in to a point of interest or pan across a panoramic image! It's easy to do with Proshow Gold 3.0. ProShow Gold 3.0 offers you faster DVD/CD rendering, PC playback, and superior output quality.

By Anonymous The most professional SlideShow software around! I took a look at few other SlideShow software companies. The most professional SlideShow software around! I took a look at few other SlideShow software companies. Not those of the market but those costing an arm and a leg.

THEY DON'T EVEN COME CLOSE to offer what the PHOTODEX PROSHOW GOLD does. They're boasting about the feature that you can insert few songs in a SlideShow? In the GOLD you can insert all the music you want. Limit of 1 GB? Forget about!