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The Open Payments Program Year 2016 Report to Congress is now available! Read the report here.; This annual report provides an overview of the program timeline and activities as well as aggregated information about applicable manufacturers and group purchasing organizations. Free and Open. Are you a student looking to study mathematics on your own, and want to do exercises with immediate feedback as you work through a free and open textbook? Congress provided its first-ever funding for open textbooks through a $5 million grant program in the FY18 omnibus bill, which has been signed into law. Open Broadcaster Software is free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. Stream to Twitch, YouTube and many other providers or record your own videos with high quality H264 / AAC encoding. View Program Calendar. Open Center programs offer opportunity for exploration, fulfillment and transformation.

Just a suggestion, something that I have done in the past which has been helpful. Go to your list of installed programs Find the entry for OpenAL Look at the 'Installed On' column and take note of the date Now click on the header/Title of the 'Installed On' column (this should order all of the software entries by install date) Now look down the Installed Programs list and find the 'Installed On' date on which your OpenAL was installed. You should see OpenAL and all the other programs that were installed on that date.

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This should help you narrow down what program may have installed OpenAL. Hope this was helpful Bammer. Similar help and support threads Thread Forum I'm trying to assist a person with an issue that seems to be specific for their computer with Windows 7 installed on it. (Unfortunately I cannot remote desktop into it.) So I was curious if there's a software/tool that can collect all installed software on their computer and generate a report in. Software Is there any way I can print out a list of installed programs in Win 7?

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There are 82 of them. I know I can use Gadwin Print Screen on a Control Panel Programs and Features window but the the print out is too small for these tired old eyes. I want to do this because I am about to get a new. Software i am migrating my computer environment to my new pc and need to know what programs/software comes pre-packaged with my Windows 64-bit Home Edition. Anyone know where i can find that information? Is there somewhere on my older computer that i can find this info?

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Thx for any help, ahead of time. Software Hello, Is there a list of hotfixes that are required to be installed prior to installing SP1? I am trying to slipstream SP1 into an installation DVD for Windows 7. It works fine, however, after I installed my newly created DVD, I found an update that said 'You must install this patch before. Windows Updates & Activation I installed MS Security Essentials 2 in my Windows 7 x86. Anonymox For Chrome.

After installation MSSE did not work and it also created a new problem for me that in Programs and Features there is no item in the installed programs. Here the screen shot. Software Our Sites Site Links About Us Find Us • • • • • • •.