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I had this posted in the 'Anonymous Services - Can we get a list going.' Thread, but it's a long thread and I realize most people will never see it buried on page 14, and I want to get this information out there because I believe it can help a lot of people. So here goes: First download the free OpenVPN client here: Install the OpenVPN client. Recommend installing it to the default path (ex. C: Program Files OpenVPN) Then come here to get the Mullvad config file: >On that page click on 'Create a new account' >On the next page download the file that has random numbers with a.zip extension (ex. Extract the contents of that folder into the 'config' folder in your OpenVPN directory (ex.

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C: Program Files OpenVPN config). * Tip - delete this line of text from the Mullvad config file to fix disconnect issues: serverping-exit 60# Daemonizeservice mullvadopenvpnping 10. Please post feedback about your experience (speed, stability, ect.) to help others make an informed decision. Another poster noticed Mullvad was making outbound ICMP attempts after disconnecting, and that it would continue until you closed the OpenVPN GUI. So you may want to make a FW rule, and/or make sure to close the OpenVPN GUI after disconnecting to prevent it. The nature of this activity is probably benign, but I prefer to be on the safe side. I personally have all ICMP blocked (both in & out), so it's not a problem for me.

Also, here are the other solutions that we found to be the best after combing through many anonymity services. Again, because I know many of you won't comb through 15+ pages to find it. I want this information to be easy for people to find: Paid services: BolehVPN iVPN Free services: Mullvad VPN (mentioned in the OP) TOR Ixquick search engine/built in proxy * Mullvad can also be purchased, which confused me at first. It appears that what you're paying for is their custom GUI, which has some handy things built into it, such as the ability to auto-login, and to drop your internet connection on VPN drop via simple tick-boxes. This latter feature prevents data from spilling out into the open in the event of a VPN drop, for example if you're using P2P/Torrent when it happens. I didn't get a chance to try it out for myself, and didn't hear from anybody that did. If someone could try this Mullvad custom GUI out and convey just how this functionality works, it would be greatly appreciated.

I haven't found a 3'rd party application that accomplishes this reliably, so it'd be a great feature. It might even make Mullvad worth paying for if you like what you see in the free trial. Mullvad also offers great, anonymous payment methods, including BitCoin & cash by mail. You can send them any amount. From what I recall $10 will get you like a month and a half.

I hope it works out well for you, and everybody. Chime back in after a week or so, then a month, let me know how it worked. Like I said, it had it's ups and downs for me.

It wasn't consistent enough. But I've heard some say it worked great for them and that the only problem was the disconnect flaw, which is fixed with that tweak (thanks to 0strodamus for that one I wish it would have worked that well for me too. I considered $85/year worthwhile to obtain that consistency I wanted. And @ $78/year, Boleh is too. So everybody should try Mullvad first, because free is always best, provided it's effective enough to suit you.

And if it's not, then you have 2 affordable alternatives. As a free solution I'd prefer it for anonymity & privacy over a proxy.

So let's hear your feedback in this thread everybody. And if anyone wants to shoot Mullvad $7 or so in the mail to test that custom GUI, I'd love to hear if the functionality to disconnect the internet on VPN drop works as it should. I regret that I didn't get to test this out, and now that I have everything the way I want it I don't wanna screw around with my setup. Edit: I realized the link I provided for the OpenVPN client was broken.

Thanks for this, posting from it now. Two things, I put everything in the Config folder, not Bin (like README says). And deleting those entries for the disconnect issue, caused me a problem. I'm sure some of them are what's needed, but Open VPN complains, starting with 'Open VPN needs to know server or client' which has to do with the serverxxxxxxx part, next it complains about TLS. I didn't step through putting them back into the conf file, 1 by 1.

Where did you get that string again? But this *is* awesome, thanks. NN Edit: It just disconnected, need to figure that out. That '60' may be seconds.I just made it '600' and so far, so good. If that's it, I don't mind it disconnecting after a time I can set. How To Open Res Files. it's free and needlessly tying up a tunnel if I forget to disconnect isn't good 'netiquette'.

Thanks for this, posting from it now. Two things, I put everything in the Config folder, not Bin (like README says).