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Personal finance software Microsoft Money was as of mid-2009, but Microsoft recently released and available for free download. The stated reason for these editions is to avoid any ongoing online activation/re-activation issues with old software. Do be aware that the online abilities are disabled (no online quotes, no bill payment, no statement downloads initiated by Money, no data sync with MSN Money online services). There will not be any additional support available from Microsoft, only online self-help and through other users. Money Plus Sunset Deluxe is designed to be a replacement for expired versions of Money Plus Essentials, Money Plus Deluxe, and Money Plus Premium versions. Money Plus Sunset Home and Business is designed to be a replacement for expired versions of Money Plus Home and Business. Worth a download?

I downloaded Microsoft Money Sunset edition for Windows 10. I noticed in the uninstall programs it says it is 100GB! When I look in the downloaded programs it says 170 MB. Anyone know why the huge. Money Plus Sunset Deluxe is designed to be a replacement for expired versions of Money Plus Essentials, Money Plus Deluxe, and Money Plus Premium versions.

Microsoft Money Sunset EditionMicrosoft Money Sunset Edition

If you’re okay with staying offline, this version of MS Money might serve as an adequate free personal accounting and tracking software for a while longer. You can still manually import MS Money OFX files from your bank or other financial institutions. The Business versions allow to you print invoices. If you have an older version of Money, this is basically a free upgrade to the last edition sold. Otherwise, it’s probably time to take another look at Intuit Quicken if you still want a full-featured desktop solution, which starts at about $40.

Microsoft Money Sunset Version

Unfortunately, Quicken is a piece of krap comparing with latest editions of MsMoney. I went on with the general recommendation and I lost almost one week in correcting importing errors. I’m using MsMoney for 12 years and I have the information for the all 12 yers.

Obviously I didn’t go correcting errors prior to 2010; I just checked that the numbers were ok. I have canadian accounts and US accounts. Quicken doesn’t work that way. You’re either canadian or you’re US. If you buy the canadian version you have to enter the US account statement manually. When you call them, technical support is $15 per call; one issue only.

Obviously, I refused to pay for this type of problem. I’m an advanced user and I didn’t call them to tell me where’s the slot to inser the CD E-mailing them is free, though. I tryed to send them an e-mail and there was a message like: because of high level of messages, you should expect an answer in 3 working days. And the message didn’t go trough.

There was a Java script error I have Stocks porfolio. Quicken has lost all of my US stocks when importing from MsMoney. I had to enter them manually, but then, it had a hard time with the currency conversion. When you have registered investment accounts (like RRSP in Canada or 401k in US), Quicken is treating the Cash part of the account as a completely different account. So you end up having a Cash balance and an Investment balance.

Right now, I’m using MsMoney 2007 fully operational. There is no canadian verision of it, but I have no problem to work with canadian banks and investments. I thought that going to Quicken is going to help me with my taxes; besides is supposed to be a supported software. My advise is: stay with MsMoney for as long as you can. I red here that someone is using the ’98 version. That’s a great proof of good, reliable tool in my mind.

Unfortunately for me, the Sunset edition doesn’t seem to have the online quoting option for stocks. So, I’d have to update my portfolio manually. Again, 2007 was a very good year!

(maybe even the wine was good that year; we’ll see that).:) Adrian. Sorry Christian.I checked the Wachovia site again and in the support section for MS Money it is quite clear that as of Jan 31 2011, the download option will be removed for all Money downloads.

Dictation Program. That makes Sunset somewhat useless,unless there is a file conversion between a Quicken download and Money. Quicken will be the only download available at Wachovia. Wells Fargo has already disabled Money downloads from its Credit accounts (they own Wachovia). Microsoft should send some sort of courtesy notice to the banks that Sunset exits and that downloads can be completed manually.

Are we out of luck if there is a bug in the sunset version? I’ve been using Money for many years. I upgraded to the sunset version as I just bought a new computer.

I had many Favorite reports in my old version. When I first started using the new version, it errored whenever I looked at a saved report.

It said something about an invalid format. So, I deleted them and figured I would recreate them. But, when I go to save a Favorite report, it seems like it does it, but it is not actually saved.

It will be a pain if I have to recreate my customized reports every time. Georgere Wachovia site account downloads I’ve been using 2002 Money Deluxe for many years (never a reason to upgrade) and have always downloaded Money account files manually from the website.

I found that my version of Money will File Import Wachovia’s Quicken QFX files flawlessly. I download the oldest version Quicken files. I’m not sure if earlier or later versions of Money have this import capability.

Should anybody want to try it, MAKE A COPY OF YOUR MONEY FILE FIRST in case there are problems. What I don’t understand is if you are directly connecting to your bank for act. Transactions (checking / savings), why would this fail after 1/1/2011? I can see if you are using Microsoft as a third party provider, but if not, it should continue as normal.

Does anyone know why? Also, does anyone know whom is the provider for portfolio updates? If you simply use the update menue selection (2007 ver), who is providing the price update for each portfolio act.

/ investment act.? Is this a consolidator or does the software contact each institutuion with ticker symbols and retrieve a recent price? Jason & Millie, I don’t know why you think that Statement Imports won’t work with new versions of Money (including Sunset). This capability will continue – it’s the automatic Online updates that will no longer function. All of the stocks and funds that are part of the Statement updates (OFX and QIF imports) will have the updated quotes shown in the Portfolio views. The Python scripts allow importing these statements without going to the individual websites, logging on, and initiating the download.

In some instances, the capabilty to download your data doesn’t even exist on some of the websites. The MSN servers did much more than grab just these statement downloads though: independent stock and fund quotes (for ALL your investments, pass through third-party web-scrapes of your data, investment news, tax and exchange rates, etc. And that is all coming to a halt, if it hasn’t already. I recently downloaded Money Sunset Edition. I’m giving up on Quicken after many years.

I am primarily interested in Money to track my spending. I make frequent use of reports for spending, categories, comparison, taxes etc. I use the memo field extensively. My impression so far is that the reports in Money are more “rigid” than Quicken. Do you agree? Also can the data be downloaded to Excel for added sorting and manipulation?

This would help a lot at tax time. I know your website is involved with security downloads, but I’m just trying to get started. If you cannot help, can you direct me to a source of Money information. Thanks, Marty.

HI, I have been using MS Money 2002 home and small businss in the uk for 10 years for a small sports club. Never used the online statements till recently, but as we finally got online banking i tried it.

It put the statement into the bank account on money fine and even associated with the manual inputs I had alredy put in but where there was a transaction that wasnt already input, it assinged a number to the payee and i am unable to assign that to a an invoice, it looks like i have to input everything manually, use the statement download to verify, if i find something on the statement that say i dont have an invoice for, i think have to delete it and input manually. Is this rght or am i just way off the mark. I tried sunset but its terminology is different and it wouldnt use my old money files so it was a total rebuild which i dont have time to do really. I have used Money extensively in a number of businesses and have account files going back to 1996, I have gone thru several versions of Money and am now using Money Plus although I don’t know which year. I have just purchased a high end IMAC27 as I became too frustrated with the slower HP desktop. I additionally have a MacBook Pro (but I don’t run Money on it). I was under the understanding that using Fusion 5, I could run Money on the IMAC as if it is a Microsoft system.