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Logosmartz.com I bought this software and used it a few times. It was OK, not the best but ok for the price. I have owned it for over 2 years and upgraded at one point, I lost a hard drive and had to notify the company to get my license reactivated (they protect this piece of software like it was worth alot more than it is, in fact the even protect it from their customers, seems the policy is, if you have to reinstall the software and it has been over a year you will have to repurchase it. This is a horrible way to treat customers especially ones who will upgrade when a newer version comes out. There are much better logo creators out now and because of their poor business policy I would avoid this company. I will never buy from them again.

+6 Votes The web site and help file are very misleading. For example, I wanted to flip an image (let's face it. A graphics 101 feature) it is nowhere to be found (EXCEPT advertised on the company's home page!). I asked them about it and was told 'they'd update the web site.' (Side Note: that was three weeks ago and the web site still has it on there). The program will often save when you exit WITHOUT saving.

Logo Smartz

Undoing an action will cause the indvidual images to reorder, resize, and wh knows what else. Can't tell you how many times I had to start over. The help file says you can search for images based on key words, some of which can be user-defined. Unfortunately that feature doesn't exist either. I was told these features 'may be in an upgrade which I could get for free.' Let's face it, if this is their idea of a version 5 product, it's hard to imagine that version 6 will be much better.

May 15, 2007  This video shows the creation of a little more complex logo than the other logo demo video--still VERY easy to do! Tp3 File. Aug 16, 2016  Get inspired by the available templates and design your own logo to give an identity to your company and create it a brand that can be recognized by anyone LogoSmartz is a feature-rich software application that you can use to create and design business logos is a user-friendly environment. It addresses users of all skill levels.

They sent me a coupon for $10 off the regular price (this is, of course AFTER I already purchased it). I asked for a $10 refund, and suddenly that helpful customer serivice is nowhere to be found. The moral, invest your money somewhere else.

There are some good ideas here, but this product is not ready for prime time. If you down the trial, make sure it does exactly what you want it to do before buying (don't assume anything).

Logosmartz - Logo Design Software, Rochester, New York. Logosmartz (provides logo design software for Mac and. Cd Cover Printer. Design a logo for your business or organization today with Logosmartz. Logosmartz is an easy-to-use software program. All you need is an idea for your new logo, or you can recreate an old logo that you currently use.