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Grooveshark is a very popular music streaming application that allows users to upload their songs, and then it organizes those songs into playlists, also allows other people see it so they can listen or download the song. The great offer of Grooveshark really made a lot of people use it and that made it so popular. However there are lots of audio files found on Grooveshark which were not copyrighted, and as a result of that, major record labels decided to take steps to bring down this service. Finally, the service has been shut down and fair to resurrect. On the other side, Limewire has been known for their loyal services, they are also very popular because millions of people make use of their service in Downloading music.

Need a reliable LimeWire alternative to download online media contents as LimeWire is dead? Here a few top programs and sites like LimeWire are recommended and a simple guide on how to use the best alternative to LimeWire is shared.

Microsoft Front Page 2013. Limewire closed down since 2010 The inexistence of Grooveshark and Limewire has truly affected a lot of people who enjoy downloading music. Flash Banner Slideshow Maker. Nevertheless, there is good news for every music lover who depends so much on Grooveshark and LimeWire. Right now, there are several Grooveshark and Limewire alternatives which also offer satisfactory and loyal services. Alternatives for Grooveshark and Limewire Do you know that there are many Legal and active Grooveshark and LimeWire alternatives where you can stream or download music at a cheap rate?

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As a matter of fact, some of this alternatives go for free. However, there are lots of alternatives in 2017 and one of them is Geo-block; in this service, artists in their catalogs can be accessed only from within a specified country or countries as the case may be. Thus, the only solution is to use these alternatives with a VPN. Below are the recommended alternatives for Grooveshark and LimeWire in 2017. Spotify Spotify is also a very popular service for streaming and downloading music, It is one of the best alternatives for Grooveshark and LimeWire in 2017-2018. The demo-version of Spotify is free with ads and you can stream any song of your choice on the desktop.

Spotify also offers a mobile app which only allows you to listen to music on the playlists. The paid version of Spotify takes away the ads and this permits local downloads, enhances the sound quality, and allows mobile users to choose specific songs and artists. Although Spotify is available nearly in most countries, the music on Spotify is not available in all locations.

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If you travel to a location away from where you have registered, you will only be given the maximum of 14days to listen to music. After that period of time, you will have to register with that location, by doing that, you can only be able to listen to music around that location. However, you can bypass the restrictions by using VPN to connect to the server at home location before you launch the program. Google play music Google play music is a combination of different online music models to make a single application. It allows the user to upload up to 50,000 of their functioning music libraries to the cloud on the app.

Limewire Alternatives

In addition, Songs can be purchased from iTunes or Google play music and these do not go against the 50,000 limit. Users in the United States, Canada, and India do enjoy some features but users in other countries don’t have access to these features or else they make use of a VPN that will connect to the server in the countries mentioned. Google play music also has a paid version which allows streaming from a library of about 40 million songs with no skip limits. Users can also download music for local playback. FrostWire FrostWire is also a good alternative for Grooveshark and LimeWire, it is very similar to LimeWire both in layout and in look and it also supports the use of iTunes. It was launched in 2004 and it is still very popular. FrostWire has supportive versions for a different operating system like Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.