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Apple today released an updated and revised version of iTunes 12.6.1, which was alongside the macOS Sierra 10.12.5 update on Monday, May 15. The new version of iTunes is, while the previous version was It's not clear why Apple has released a new minor update to iTunes 12.6.1, but it presumably includes some unspecified bug fix.

According to the release notes, the update 'includes minor app and performance improvements.' These are the same generic release notes that were included in the first iTunes 12.6.1 release. The new version of iTunes 12.6.1 can be downloaded for free using the Software Update function in the. Oh FFS, Apple. There are bugs that require fire drill releases, but at least have the decency to note what they are, allow users to decide for themselves whether to update, and increment the version number enough so that people aren't confused. Agree with the first and last statement, don't really get the middle one; Can you give a good reason why you wouldn't like to update? I understand bad internet connection, but that's hardly a problem nowadays, is it?

Silently Install iTunes from the Package Library Download and install PDQ Deploy Enter License Key information Import the iTunes package into PDQ Deploy Right-mouse click on the imported package >Deploy Once Choose Targets from Active Directory, PDQ Inventory, Target List, etc. Click Deploy Now About iTunes Popular music. How can the answer be improved?

And how does Apple deprive you of the right to make the decision yourself whether to update or not? [doublepost=][/doublepost] Yeah. Knowing Apple, the written from scratch iTunes would miss 90% of its features and would only play Apple Music. Freshmaza Pc Software on this page. No Thanks.;) That's exactly what I fear will happen! We've seen it at great length with Photos, Final Cut, etc.

I wouldn't want to wait another year just to get back where we were feature-wise.

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