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EMule is a peer to peer P2P file sharing client for Windows eMule is the next iteration of eDonkey and gives users access to the eDonkey file library as well as many others eMule is one of the top rated file sharing services by QP Download. But I didn't want the eMule fanboys here to cry about it as they get upset when you promote something superior than Vanilla client. On 10 September 2016 - 05:18 PM. Gruk.org's eMule/eDonkey Serverlist Serverlist last update: - 15:30 Add to emule Do you want to see this list in your language? Contact me (corpo(at)gruk.org).

Advertisement eMule is not dead, rather it is more alive than ever! It will not be, perhaps, more used by the vast majority of people to download music and movies (which are now between torrent and streaming, there is plenty of choice) but it is still a figure to download PDF, books, and other files are very rare. In order to exploit to the maximum, however, are required also server eMule is always updated. We see in this guide how to add new server and how to use our exclusive listing with all the eMule servers to be updated. Guide eMule download, configuring and high ID The first thing we need to learn how to add the server to the client eMule.

We eliminate all the servers that may still be present on the client by using the right mouse button within the Server menu and Delete all the server. To prevent the added server fake by the same server or by the users Kad that contact, let us go in the Options menu, select the Server and remove the tick mark from the following items: Now that we have made a clean sweep we have two methods to add server eMule: automatically via the list.met, or manually. The method vacile to add eMule server is to use the file server.the met, provided by third party services. Open the Server section in the client and use the indicated field to upload the file to the server.met.

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Firefox Alternative. Once you have entered the link URL, simply click on the tasot Refresh to get the server. In the next section, we will see a series of links to use to update the file server.met. For eMule classic and Mod For eMule Meeting We can add servers for eMule one by one by clicking on the links in the next paragraph (only if eMule is installed on the system), or by using the field shown in the image below. Remember to enter the IP of the server and port before clicking the ' Add ' button the server. Using the ed2k link to the server will be immediately added to the client. Ed2k links for adding instant.

IP and port of the server for the manually adding.

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