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What is a DCR file? DCR stands for Digital Camera Raw.

Files that contain the.dcr file extension are created by certain Kodak digital cameras, usually of the SLR variety. The DCR file format is used to take photographs without the camera making color adjustments or compressing the image file that has been captured by the camera. This allows the user to edit a raw data file of the image that was taken and the image appears exactly as the camera had captured it at the time of the photograph. The DCR file may also include text information about the picture, such as the date and time the picture was taken.

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Details for file extension: DCR - Shockwave. Troubleshoot, fix and learn about DCR and errors with extensive information from Filext.com. I have some ancient Adobe Shockwave files with.dcr file extensions. I managed to view them with the official Adobe player (download the full version, not the slim version). However, Chrome refuses to open the files (showing the save file dialog instead). Even though they're both Adobe products, there doesn't seem. Design Change request, also Document Change Request and Database Change Request.dcr, a file extension which may represent the following:. Adobe Shockwave Media file. DCR is a digital court recording multi-channel audio/video software. DCR is currently in use with over 4,000 customers including federal and local courtrooms. Our court recording software is the best solution for your court recording needs.

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