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The BEST application for reading cbz, cbr, cb7 and cbt comics. All formats are thoroughly elaborated and are 100% supported by the application. The visualization system takes into account the specific character of the formats functioning on mobile devices (memory capacity, the number of general processor units etc), Providing a maximum productivity and comfort when working with large documents. Elegant design, extended functionality, high speed and stability of work will make reading of your favorite literature a pleasurable experience. You can contact technical support and leave a comment without quitting the application. Comic Book Reader's special features: Compatible with all popular archive formats (rar, zip, 7z, gz, tar). Integration with popular cloud services (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Yandex.

Cbr Viewer

Integration with popular network services (SMB, FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, DLNA). Open documents directly from cloud services and network services.

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It is able to read all comic book formats (.cbr file,.cbz,.pdf, etc.) and Manga. Everything is designed to give you the best comic reading experience, it load comic books immediately, reading is fluid and comfortable even on slow computer. It uses advanced resize techniques to provide a smooth rendering. Perfect Viewer supports CBZ, CBR, CB7 and CBT. Calibre can view and convert to different formats. Comic Seer (Desktop) is a comic book archive viewer and organizer for the desktop. Comix is a full featured comic book viewer and organizer. Evince document viewer, includes support for the format. MComix is a fork of Comix. This article talks about 5 best comic book reader software for Windows 10. These support all popular comic book formats, library features, bookmarks & more. CBR supports standard comic book formats like CBZ, CBR, and CBA. Comical Finishing things off is Comical, another minimal comic book reader application that just does the basics, and does them extremely well. Comics are now widely available in digital format, which sequential image viewer software first established. As such, there are numerous software packages with which you can open and flick through comics in Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and other platforms. Those programs support archived comic book file formats such as CBZ, CBR and CB7.

Hight application stability. Automatic recovery bad and non standard files. User friendly navigation. Page layout option in documents (single page, double pages, double pages with cover). Effects for documents (sepia, monochrome, color controls). Brightness control.

Rotation lock. Quick preview. Page scaling.

Auto scaling for adjacent pages. Opening documents from external applications. Last open document list. Web Browser and download manager. Wi-Fi transfer. FTP transfer.

File Manager Features: Intuitive interface. ITunes integration.

File sorting (by name, by extension, by size, by date). Searching files in subfolders.

Create, move, copy, rename, pack/unpack, delete file/folder options. File/folder search. Preview book cover. Wi-Fi Transfer Features: Intuitive interface.

Create, move, rename, delete file/folder options. Rhapsody Alternatives on this page. Downloading/uploading few media files with one click. Display upload progress. Feel free to ask questions, report bugs or request new features: [email protected]

Comical If you're looking for a CBR and CBZ reader for your favorite OS, look no farther. Comical is an easy-to-use, featureful GUI comic book viewer, written in C++ using wxWidgets.

It's open-source, so feel Free to contribute! Check out the, true believers!