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Astrill was launched in 2009 and was created by Astrill Systems Corp and is located in Seychelles. Why is that important for a VPN user? Four Suit Spider Solitaire.

Astrill Website

Because there are no data retention laws within its. But that’s not the reason I published this Astrill review. I wanted to know all the good and bad stuff, so I can give you a well-informed overview of Astrill VPN. Is it a good VPN to stay anonymous on a public Wi-Fi in order to protect your personal data. Does it really hide your IP?

Let’s find this out Quick Background Info Regarding Astrill VPN The is aesthetically pleasing, showcasing the features of their service so it’s easy to understand. At first glance, I noticed the area at the top of the site to log in to an account immediately.

Protect your privacy & access media content with no regional restrictions with our fast, secure & anonymous VPN. Strict no-logs policy, torrents supported. Strong encryption with 330 servers in 50 countries. This is exactly why Astrill VPN software is one of the best VPN services on the market.

I appreciate this since you won’t have to go looking for the login page. There’s also a slider on the homepage that changes every few seconds with several different graphics.

Overall, it appears to be a legitimate site. However, if you read the appear to be biased since the review he gave of the company had not been posted to their site even after several months. Fake reviews on Astrill homepage But that video was made in 2014. Astrill has probably made some improvements since then, right?

Let’s find out Very Expensive Pricing, $8.33/mo Astrill offers a free 7-day trial on their plans. Awesome, right? The other bit of good news is that Astrill offers the same features for each plan. So each package includes access to every server, unlimited bandwidth, and all other available features.

But the packages include access for different amounts of time. Here’s a quick breakdown. The one-month plan will set you back $15.90 per month. Old Versions Of Chrome on this page. This plan is perfect for a user that just wants to try out Astrill without making a long-term commitment. The six-month package is $11.65 per month.

This is a saving of 26% in comparison to the three-month package. You’ll spend a total of $69.90. The one year package is $8.33 per month. The one year package comes out to a grand total of $99.90. You’ll save 47% here. So if you know you want to use Astrill on a long-term basis, this is the best value.

Here’s how the company’s pricing plans look on their site: Astrill VPN Pricing in 2018 Astrill offers a 7-day money back guarantee, along with a ton of different payment options, including: • Credit/debit cards • PayPal • PerfectMoney • Bank wire transfer • WechatPay • BitCoin Overall, pricing for Astrill isn’t the on the market. In fact, it costs a lot. Even which is well known as one of the best VPNs. Features, Compatibility, and Servers Astrill has unlimited bandwidth, no matter which plan you choose.

The first thing they boast about on their “features” page is their privacy technology. Astrill is available on all major platforms: • Windows • Mac (not 100% sure if on older Mac versions) • Linux • iOS • and Android platforms. They only allow two simultaneous connections per account.

This is pretty low in comparison to. However, that’s not the only drawback. These connections only work when one device is a laptop or desktop and the other is a mobile connection, according to Astrill. Their site also states: “ If you need more connections, we offer Home Plan (up to 5 connections at the same time) as well as Business plans.” Astrill VPN has a network of 365 servers in 50 countries. It might not reach the thousands that has. However, it’s also WAY more than the 25 currently offered.